Creative City Project 2014

Downtown Orlando became a Jungle of Arts with the help of Creative City Project. They brought the Orlando Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra (which my great friend, Rebecca the cellist, was playing in!), Phantasmagoria and many more performances! Galleries like The CityArts Factory were open to the public and this was all free of charge...yeah, I can't believe it either! For those of you who couldn't come, no worries, I captured the experience for you! Get ready for this magical ART RIDE:

Orlando Ballet showing us their romantic moves and the CFCArts performing in the background.

Phantasmagoria's hottest fire dancers. 

Cirque Du Soleil performer kills it with her magical ways.

We love to support our girl Rebecca!! 

Some Gallery pics for you to enjoy. I hope you feel like you were there! :)

Snap! Gallery on Colonial Dr.

I've been inching my way into the Snap! gallery for a couple months now and finally made it inside! There were awesome pieces of drawings, prints, sculptures, books and videos. You can find The Snap! Gallery on 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803.   For more info go to the Snap! Gallery's website.  I loved the pieces I saw, here's a peek.