Global Peace Film Festival 2014

Watching movies that showcase Peace around the world is one of the best ways to add culture to your life and to stay humble. The documentary that stood out to me is called "Every Three Seconds" by Daniel Karslake. He did a great job relaying the message that everyone everywhere in the world can make a difference. This documentary captured perfectly that no matter the age, gender, color of skin, how rich or poor or where you are, you can always make a change. This film is a wake up call to do your part in helping our people all around the globe.

Ingrid Munro said it best, "Heres the ladder, the climbing you have to do on your own." A great tool to help others help themselves is called Microfinance. Its a way for the less fortunate to borrow money and start their own business. The organization Kiva is a great resource for information and how to get involved. You don't have to give millions of dollars, with only $15 you can help someone jump start their future and help their family climb the financial ladder.

Picture courtesy of  ETS

Picture courtesy of ETS