Vintage Love at your services!

Absolutely love working with her and the transcending beauty she always brings to the table. She is ready to go undercover and find love in the most romantic way. <3

It don't matter if you're black n white!

This black and white beauty shows her finesse with a gracious side portrait. I love her profile and how soft her features look. The black and white gives it just enough umph to portray her delicateness.  Stay tuned for more folks, I'm just getting started! 

Faceshots...get'em while they're hot!

One of my goals this year is to take on more sessions and shoot my life away. So far, so good. This time I focused on headshots, or how my friend would say, "faceshots" ha! (I've corrected him many times, he just doesn't get it, its cool, we're still friends)

Here are the beautiful faceshots:

Starting the new year RIGHT! Catch some glimpses into my World...

Super BUSY is an understatement to my life but with a little planning and rearranging, anything is possible!!! Here are a few shots of what my projects look like this week. ENJOY! :)

Much more to come soon!

Creative City Project 2014

Downtown Orlando became a Jungle of Arts with the help of Creative City Project. They brought the Orlando Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra (which my great friend, Rebecca the cellist, was playing in!), Phantasmagoria and many more performances! Galleries like The CityArts Factory were open to the public and this was all free of charge...yeah, I can't believe it either! For those of you who couldn't come, no worries, I captured the experience for you! Get ready for this magical ART RIDE:

Orlando Ballet showing us their romantic moves and the CFCArts performing in the background.

Phantasmagoria's hottest fire dancers. 

Cirque Du Soleil performer kills it with her magical ways.

We love to support our girl Rebecca!! 

Some Gallery pics for you to enjoy. I hope you feel like you were there! :)

Global Peace Film Festival 2014

Watching movies that showcase Peace around the world is one of the best ways to add culture to your life and to stay humble. The documentary that stood out to me is called "Every Three Seconds" by Daniel Karslake. He did a great job relaying the message that everyone everywhere in the world can make a difference. This documentary captured perfectly that no matter the age, gender, color of skin, how rich or poor or where you are, you can always make a change. This film is a wake up call to do your part in helping our people all around the globe.

Ingrid Munro said it best, "Heres the ladder, the climbing you have to do on your own." A great tool to help others help themselves is called Microfinance. Its a way for the less fortunate to borrow money and start their own business. The organization Kiva is a great resource for information and how to get involved. You don't have to give millions of dollars, with only $15 you can help someone jump start their future and help their family climb the financial ladder.

Picture courtesy of  ETS

Picture courtesy of ETS

Stylist on Deck!

Here she is! Cheryl is the amazing stylist who helps us with our fashion sense at Pumps & Pints the Orlando magazine for locals who love to go out on the town and experience Orlando on another level! She'll tell you exactly what to wear and how to wear it. You can find more about Cheryl's fashion trends HERE. 

Jazzy Music Lady

Had a blast shooting this lady and her funky music spirit! She is amazingly beautiful inside and out and is so humble! You can find Vanessa on Pumps and Pints as she writes about her love for music and fashion.  Vanessa's Website is also a great resource for her amazing adventures she blogs about. Go check her out!!!


Discover 4th of July events in Orlando

Whether you're a local or traveling to Orlando for the 4th of July, you deserve to know where all the great fun will be this year! Here are a few events to look into for fun festivities.



7/3 Red Hot & Boom in Altamonte Springs from 4pm-10pm. Live Entertainment, Children's Activities, Food Drinks and Fireworks.

7/4 Fireworks at the Fountain in Downtown Orlando from 4pm-10pm. Live Music, Food and Beverages for purchase and Fireworks.

7/4 Kissimmee's 4th of July Celebration from 5pm-9:30pm. Live Music, Food and Fireworks at 9:10pm

7/4 Olde Fashioned 4th of July in Winter Park from 9am-1pm. Live Patriotic Music, Horse Drawn Wagon Rides and FREE hot dogs and watermelon while supplies last.

7/4 A Sci-Fi Fourth of July in Celebration, FL from 5pm-10pm.  Parade at 9AM, Sci-Fi or Super Hero character costume contest at 7:30pm. Bounce House, Live Music, and Fireworks.

7/4 Avalon Park's 4th of July Celebration from 5pm-9pm. Apple Pie Bake-Off, Hot Dog Eating Contest, Wet/Dry Bounce Park, and Community Performances.

7/5 Independence Day Bash in Baldwin Park from 5:30pm-9:30pm. Live Music, Face Painting, Interactive Games and a Food & Beer Garden, oh yeah.. and Fireworks. 

7/5 Red, Out, & Equal at Downtown Orlando from 12pm-9:30pm. Water Activities, Live Music, Food Trucks, and Fireworks. 


Didn't find an event near you??? Click here for more nearby places! Happy 4th of July!

Fashion meets Shannilewinsky

This was a fun one. Talk about Fashionista!  This is Shanna and she is beyond fabulous.  She is always so well put together and really knows how to glam everything up.  I love working with this beauty on Pumps and Pints, she's a great business contributor to the magazine.  Keep up with her to know what next big event is going down in Orlando as she frequents fashion shows and music events. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.


Snap! Gallery on Colonial Dr.

I've been inching my way into the Snap! gallery for a couple months now and finally made it inside! There were awesome pieces of drawings, prints, sculptures, books and videos. You can find The Snap! Gallery on 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803.   For more info go to the Snap! Gallery's website.  I loved the pieces I saw, here's a peek.

Skateboard GAINS

Here's my brother practicing his skateboard tricks. This was a fun project, although things got bloody (he fell, a lot). but then he got right back up and tried again, he's relentless. :)

Blue J Park Shoot

I finally finished uploading the Blue Jacket Park Shoot I did about a month ago. I had tons of fun with Cary, one of my amazing models who put up with me all the time! Thanks for being a great sport, especially with the sun beaming down on us! XOXO.